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Mila-wall Acoustic

Better acoustics. Better appearance.

Convince yourself!

(best with headphones on)

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A good talk needs a relaxed environment.

When several groups tour through an exhibition, annoying background noises affect the visitors. Fabric covered walls have been used, and while effective, the aesthetic result was troubling to visitors and employees. We’re pleased that there is now the new Mila-wall acoustic panel. It’s as appealing as Mila-wall, but noticeably reduces the reverberation in the room.

Proven Design. Taken one step further.

The new sound-absorbing panels from the Mila-wall series combine aesthetic wall design and demonstrated acoustic improvement. Given the slim depth of the wall, it‘s amazing how effectively Mila-wall Acoustic reduces reverberation.

Mila-wall frame

The frame of this new acoustic wall is based on the materials and construction of the Mila-wall-100 series, but optimized for maximum sound absorption.

From the outside, a structure of micro-fine holes is the only variant. How the sound is captured inside the wall is a design secret.

Mila-wall Acoustic surface

You have heard nothing?

  • Absorption might best be described as "swallowing" sound. Normally, wall surfaces cast sound back. With Mila-wall Acoustic, however, little or no noise is reflected back and sound that hits the surface is absorbed or "swallowed" back into the wall. How we accomplish this remains our trade secret.

  • Blocking stops sound and acts like a barrier. Just like an umbrella blocks or holds off the rain, sound is redirected in its path. This happens with use of a sound barrier, like Mila-wall Acoustic. To put it technically: the sound is interrupted and dispersed away from the inside.

  • Masking covers up what is being heard, similar to muffling a voice. Disturbing background noise is drowned out or "masked" by introducing a non-annoying, more neutral sound. Masking sounds need to be static, broadband, and provide no information. This is what we call white noise.

Impressive sound absorption

Mila-wall acoustic was developed in collaboration with the renowned Fraunhofer IBP. The picture shows a wall module during tests at the Institute, where outstanding sound dampening values were measured.

Sound absorption coefficient αs
sound absorption - Fraunhofer IBP
Frequency [Hz]

Quiet Please!


This Videobox is built with Mila-wall Acoustic walls. Inside the Videobox, you experience superior sound quality. Yet outside the walls, you can hear almost nothing. Thanks to the sound dampening and absorption qualities of the Mila-wall Acoustic, the sound stays inside the room.


Less sound. Less reverb.

The exhibition spaces of Hilm-Boeckmann-retrospective of the LWL Museum of Archaeology in Herne were the basis for an impressive demonstration of the reverberation reduction with acoustic walls from the series Mila-wall Acoustic.

Remarkable reduction of reverberation

In a simulation of the Fraunhofer IBP, normal Mila-wall modules were compared with Mila-wall Acoustic. The noise reduction is clearly identified:

Sound pressure level [dB]
Sound pressure level [dB] - Simulation Fraunhofer IBP
Frequency [Hz]
  • Equipped with Mila-wall
  • Equipped with Mila-wall Acoustic
Reverberation time [s]
Reverberation time [s] - Simulation de Fraunhofer IBP
Frequency [Hz]
  • Equipped with Mila-wall
  • Equipped with Mila-wall Acoustic

Excellent design

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    Awarded as industry trend by prestigious architectural journal AIT.

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    Awarded by German Design Council with well-known German Design Award.


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